Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative

OAEI 2007 - Conference track (Consensus workshop)

Motivation and Task

Conference track contains quite real-case ontologies suitable for ontology mappings task because of their heterogenous character of origin. There are no reference alignments, therefore there are employed methods of a posteriori evaluation. Organisers of this track offer a posteriori evaluation of results in part manually and in part by data-mining techniques. Data-mining techniques can answer questions like (you can find more information about this type of evaluation in [1].

Manual evaluation will produce statistics such as precision and will also serve as input into data-mining based of evaluation. During manual evaluation some interesting mappings will be chosen which can be subject of consensus building discussion. To sum up, special character of this track lies in way of evaluation (manual and data-mining approach, no prior reference alignment) and potential materials for consensus building discussion, which potentially enables to discuss:

Previous conference track was held at OAEI-2006.

Data sets

The collection of ontologies is dealing with conference organisation. They have been developed within OntoFarm project. 14 ontologies are included. Each of them is shortly described in the following table. Ontologies have been based upon three types of underlying resources:

Name is derived from name of conference or conference organisation tool. For downloading this ontology, just click on its name.
DL expressivity was obtained from SWOOP tool which is Hypermedia-based OWL Ontology Browser and Editor.

NameTypeNumber of ClassesNumber of Datatype Properties Number of Object PropertiesDL expressivityRelated link Notes
MicroWeb32917ALCIOF(D)www.microarch.org new
OpenConfTool622124ALCIO(D)http://www.zakongroup.com/technology/openconf.shtml the 9th of June, 2007. Bad xml:base URI has been repaired.
CocusTool55035ALCIF(D)http://cocus.create-net.it/ new
PaperdyneTool472161ALCHIOF(D)http://www.paperdyne.com/ new
EdasTool1042030ALCIF(D)http://edas.info/ new

We deeply acknowledge the effort of contributors to the collection: Július Štuller (and his team), Du‘an Rak, Petr Tomá‘ek, Luděk Mácha, Lenka Navrátilová, Pavel Kříž, David Měrka, Roman Svoboda, Miroslav Joha, Tomá‘ Zelinka and Jozef Murín.

Organisation and Presentation

Send any questions, comments, or suggestions to:
Ondřej Šváb ( svabo at vse dot cz ) or Vojtěch Svátek ( svatek at vse dot cz ).

Final results have been presented at Ontology Matching workshop 2007. So-called 'Consensus building workshop' was on Monday. During presentation, 'controversial' mappings have been argued. Argumentation process is now under processing.
Presentation from 'Consensus building workshop' is here.


For more information about time-schedule see main page about OAEI-2007.


[1] Svab O., Svatek V., Stuckenschmidt H.: A Study in Empirical and ‘Casuistic’ Analysis of Ontology Mapping Results. In: 4th European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC-2007), Innsbruck 2007. Springer LNCS 4519. Abstract Draft paper (final version available via SpringerLink).