OntoFarm Project


This small-sized project of KEG (started in Summer 2005) aims at developing a collection of richly axiomatised 'parallel' ontologies in OWL and carrying out various experiments on them. All ontologies model the same domain, that of conference organisation, based on different conferences and conference support tools.

The project achieved the following results to date (May 2007):

The project is/was partially supported by the EU project IST FP6-507482, Knowledge Web Network of Excellence (Workpackage 2.2 Heterogeneity), and by the Internal Grant Agency of University of Economics, Prague, under no.26/05 ``Methods and tools for ontological engineering'', and no.12/06 ``Integration of approaches to ontological engineering: design patterns, mapping and mining''.

Contributions to the collection are warmly welcome!


Selected Bibliography

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