Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative - Listing of SEALS TestsuitesOAEI

Currently Available Suites


The SEALS project is dedicated to the evaluation of semantic web technologies. To that extent, it is creating a platform for easing this evaluation, organising evaluation campaigns, and building the community of tool providers and tool users around this evaluation activity.

SEALS is also focussing on setting up a repository that hosts useful testcases processable by those tools that have implemented the required interfaces. A set of associated testcases is called a testsuite, which can have several versions. The following listing refers to those testsuites that have already been tested and/or are intended to be used in one of the following evaluation campaigns. We refers in most cases to the newest stable version currently available.

How to use these testsuites is explained in detail here in the section "Tutorial on Tool Wrapping". In particular, it is explained how the IDs of the listed suites can be used as input to a client which allows to run locally evaluation experiments with these datasets.

Listing of Testsuites

Do not get confused by the different naming styles used for IDs. In some cases IDs are randomly generated strings like "1dc20a...", sometimes they are words or abbreviations of words.


The testsuites listed above have been developed by different groups of researchers. We thank all those people who wrapped their testsuites (or allowed us to wrap their testsuites) under a common format in the SEALS platform to further improve the quality of ontology matching evaluation.