Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative - MELT evaluation for OAEI 2021 Campaign

MELT evaluation for OAEI 2021

MELT is a powerful maven framework for developing, tuning, evaluating, and packaging ontology matching systems. Please consider citing MELT in your academic work.

Instructions for participants

Developers have two options to participate in the OAEI 2021:

See other packaging examples here.

Matching process

Alignment systems in the OAEI are expected to accept as input two ontologies (or their URL reference) and should provide as output an alignment file in RDF Alignment format (or its URL reference). Options to produce the alignment in the expected OAEI format:

Evaluation instructions for participants and organisers

Participants are encouraged to evaluate their wrapped system before submission.

Evaluation instructions are available here. MELT can evaluate built-in matchers, matchers wrapped as a Web service (MatcherDockerFile), SEALS-based matchers (MatcherSeals), and matchers accessible via a running remote service (see details here). This is done using Java. See also the test class included in LogMap's Web-based wrapping.

A command line client is also available to facilitate the system evaluation for non-java developers.

MELT includes several built-in evaluation tracks: built-in datasets. One can also evaluate systems with local tracks or with just a pair of ontologies (see details here).

New organisers can perform the evaluation via a Local Track or contacting the platform chairs to create a new built-in track.