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GeoLink Cruise track - Evaluation

General description

The geolink cruise track aims at evaluating the systems which can generate the same cruise instance in the real-world from different ontologies.

This track contains 4 ontologies: gbo_bco-dmo.owl, gbo_r2r.owl, gmo_bco-dmo.owl, gmo_r2r.owl

The detailed description of each dataset can be found at the OAEI Geolink Cruise page

We evaluated all participants in the OAEI 2021. Unfortunately, none of the current alignment systems can generate the coreferences between the cruise instances in the Geolink Cruise benchmark. The state of the art alignment systems work well on finding the links with a higher string similarity or string synonyms between two objects. However, in terms of the instances with lower string similarities, or the the external information is not available or very limited to help the aligning task, a more intellectual algorithm is needed, such as finding the relation of the instances based on the underlying structure of the graphs. we hope that it will be improved in the next future years.



[1] Reihaneh Amini, Lu Zhou, Pascal Hitzler. GeoLink Cruises: A Non-Synthetic Benchmark for Co-Reference Resolution on Knowledge Graphs. In: Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, ACM, 2020.