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Multilingual Archaeology

General description

The multilingual archaeology track is newly established for OAEI 2024. It aims at the alignment of multilingual domain specific vocabularies. The high quality reference is compiled manually, ensuring semantic, lexical and part-of-speech similarity. It offers different test cases from the archaeology domain. Each source and target ontology is monolingual in one of the following languages: English, German, French, Italian. The goal is to evaluate the matching system perfomance when dealing with small datasets in different languages and specialist terms.

Dataset description

The resources and a comprehensive description is available in the Multilingual archaeology benchmark github repo. Each test case consists of a source and a target ontology and a manual reference alignment. For data provenance, see github description for more details.


There are ten different test cases available. All of them use DEFC as source and PACTOLS as target.


MELT will be used and the output of the correspondences will automatically be evaluated against the manually complied reference by MELT. The evaluation will be based on precision, recall and F-measure. There will be additional criteria such as max. memory consumption and runtime.


The schedule is available at the OAEI 2024 main page.


The DH track is organised by Felix Kraus (https://www.scc.kit.edu/en/staff/14032.php).

For any kind of help or suggestions you are very welcome to contact the organizer using the following email (subsitute accordingly): firstname.lastname (at) kit (dot) edu