Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative - Submitting a data setOAEI

Submitting a data set to OAEI

The aim of this (short) document is to explain how to propose a dataset and evaluation modalities to OAEI. Since 2010, these rules have been made more precise.

Hereby, organiser denotes a group of person willing to propose a data set to evaluate or an experiment in a particular OAEI campain. OAEI denotes the people coordinating the OAEI campaigns including its steering committee. In practice, OAEI is the set of all organisers of a particular campaign (so, may be you).

Data set submission

Potential organisers must send an email providing the folowing information to OAEI:

all this information, would be preferrably put available somewhere on the web (most of this information follows the template).

In principle, this should be sent at the beginning of the year (between January and March, the earlier the best).

Your duties as an organiser

If your evaluation proposal is accepted, you will have to:

What OAEI will do for you

In fact, not much. OAEI is rather targeted as tool developers and you will be also working for these tool developers. However, OAEI will:

Additional rules


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