Bibliographic references

Bibliographic references in OWL

Possible ontology to describe bibTeX entries.
Author: Nick Knouf <>
Contributor: Antoine Zimmermann <>, Jérôme Euzenat,
Date: 08/06/2005
Version: $Id: onto-flat.rdf,v 1.15 2011/05/31 15:37:47 euzenat Exp $

Classes (, ) (, ) (, )
Reference (Reference, Base class for all entries)
Article (Article, An article from a journal or magazine.)
    Monograph (Monograph, A book that is a single entity, as opposed to a collection.)
      Collection (Collection, A book that is collection of texts or articles.)
        Booklet (Booklet, A work that is printed and bound, but without a named publisher or sponsoring institution.)
          Chapter (BookPart, A chapter (or section or whatever) of a book having its own title.)
            InBook (InBook, A subpart of a book given by a range of pages.)
              InCollection (Incollection, A part of a book having its own title.)
                InProceedings (InProceedings, An article in a conference proceedings.)
                  LectureNotes (LectureNotes, Lecture notes.)
                    Manual (Manual, Technical documentation.)
                      MastersThesis (MastersThesis, A Master's thesis.)
                        PhdThesis (PhdThesis, A PhD thesis.)
                          Misc (Misc, Use this type when nothing else fits.)
                            Proceedings (Proceedings, The proceedings of a conference.)
                              Report (Report, A report published by an institution with some explicit policy.)
                                TechReport (TechReport, A report published by a school or other institution, usually numbered within a series.)
                                  Deliverable (Deliverable report, A report delivered for accomplishing a contract.)
                                    Unpublished (Unpublished, A document having an author and title, but not formally published.)
                                      MotionPicture (MotionPicture, A film/movie/motion picture.)
                                        Journal (Journal or magazine, A periodical publication collecting works from different authors.)
                                        Conference (The location of an event, An event presenting work.)
                                        Address (Address, The street address of the location of some organization or event.)
                                        Institution (Institution, An institution.)
                                        Publisher (Publisher, The publisher of books or journals.)
                                          School (School, A school or university.)
                                            PersonList (Person list, A list of persons.)
                                            PageRange (PageRange, A range of pages.)
                                            Date (Date, Date of a day which can be unknown (i.e., only the year is known or only the year and month). This is for overcoming the limits of XML-Schema for wich a date is not separable.)


                                   -> _ ()
                                   -> ()
                                   -> _ ()
                                   -> _ ()
                                   -> _ ()
                                   -> _ ()
                                   -> _ ()
                                            #lastName_ -> _ ()
                                   -> _ ()



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