Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative - Data policyOAEI

OAEI Data Policy

OAEI results and data sets, are publicly available, but subject to a use policy similar to the one defined by NIST for TREC. These rules applies to anyone using these data.

On participating to an Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative campaign

By submitting results to the OAEI challenge the participants grant their permission to the publication of the submitted results on the OAEI web site and for their use for scientific purposes, e.g., as a basis for experiments in connection with the development of techniques for evaluating, improving, merging or using alignments.

In return, it is expected that the provenance of these results is correctly and duly acknowledged.

On using Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative data

In order to avoid any inadequate use of the data provided by the Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative, we make clear the following rules of use of these data.

It is in the responsibility of the user of the data to ensure that the authors of the results are properly acknowledged, unless this data is used in an anonymous aggregated way. In the case of participant results, an appropriate acknowledgement is the mention of this participant and a citation of a paper from the participants (e.g., the paper detailing their participation). The specific conditions under which the results have been produced should not be misrepresented (an explicit link to their source in the OAEI web site should be made).

These rules apply to any publication mentionning these results. In addition, specific rules below also apply to particular types of use of the data.

Rule applying to the non public use of the data

Anyone can freely use the tests and their results for evaluating and improving their programs and methods.

Rules applying to contest participants

The participants to some evaluation campaign can publish the results as long as they cite the source of the tests and in which campaign it has been used.

The participants can compare their results with those of others published results on site as long as they also:

Of course, participants can mention their participation to the campaign.

In case participant results have been validated, they can make mention of this independent validation.

Rules applying to people who did not participate to an evaluation campaign but want to publish their results using this data

Non participants can publish their results as long as they cite the sources of the tests and in which campaign it has been used and they make clear that they did not participated to the official campaign.

They can compare their results with those of others published results on site as long as they:

They cannot pretend having run the test in the same condition as the participant nor they can pretend having their results validated.

Rules applying to other cases

Anyone can mention the tests and campaigns for discussing them.

All other use of these tests and their results are not authorized (you can ask for permission however to the contact point) and failing to comply to the requirements above is considered as unethical.

On using names

The names "Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative", "OAEI", or the name of the tool and/or method that was used to generate the results must not be used to endorse or promote products derived from the use of these data without prior permission of their respective owners.


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