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Trilateral Thesaurus Mapping Task: results

Current Status

The evaluation is done.


collection system relation type Precision Recall
NALT-AGROVOC Falcon-AO exactMatch 0.84 0.48
NALT-AGROVOC DSSim exactMatch 0.49 0.20
NALT-AGROVOC X-SOM exactMatch 0.45 0.06
NALT-AGROVOC RIMOM exactMatch 0.62 0.42
NALT-AGROVOC SCARLET exactMatch 0.66 0.003
NALT-AGROVOC SCARLET broadMatch/narrowMatch 0.25 0.006
NALT-AGROVOC SCARLET disjoint 0.64 0
GEMET-AGROVOC Falcon-AO exactMatch 0.88 0.39
GEMET-AGROVOC DSSim exactMatch 0.33 0.15
GEMET-NALT Falcon-AO exactMatch 0.86 0.3
GEMET-NALT DSSim exactMatch 0.44 0.16

A more detailed listing of all the results can be found in this Excel sheet (104KB) and this PDF presentation (3MB)

The results of the participants can be found at the following web address: here
The Gold Standard used to evaluate Precision and Recall can be found at the following web address: here


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