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Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative

2014 final results

The synthesis paper describing the final results can be found here

Like in 2012, we distinguish between matching systems that have participated in the ontology matching tracks and matching systems that have participated in the instance matching track. There were 8 ontology matching tracks: benchmark, anatomy, conference, multifarm, library, interactive matching evaluation (interactive), large Biomedical Ontologies (largebio), plus the instance Matching (im) and ontology alignment for query answering track (oa4qa). This year, only the query answering track is not run under SEALS, all the other are.

Some systems had problems to generate results for some SEALS tracks, but this can also be counted as a result. Links to the pages describing the results for each track can be found at the bottom of the page.

Overall, OAEI 2014 has 14 participants (this is in retreat with respect to OAEI 2013 which had 23 participants).

Six of the systems participating in OAEI 2014 had participated in 2013 (AML, LogMap, LogMapLite, MaasMatch, XMap, RiMOM).

Matching systemConfidenceOM tracksIM trackscountry
AML Portugal/USA
AOT Algeria
AOTL Algeria
InsMT Algeria
InsMTL Algeria
LogMap UK
LogMap-C UK/Italy
LogMap-Bio UK/US
LogMapLite UK
MaasMatch Netherlands
OMReasoner China
RiMOM-IM China
RSDLWB Germany
XMap Algeria
TOTAL = 14 8 11 5
Table of participants.(•). Confidence stands for the type of result returned by a system: it is ticked when the confidence has been measured as a non boolean value.

This year it seems that most of the systems were able to run under the SEALS platform.

The detailed results are available from here:

In case of further questions, directly contact the organizers of the specific track. Contact information can be found at the bottom of each linked results page.

Synthetic result paper is available here (cite it from the Ontology matching workshop proceedings).